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February 23 2015

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Feb 28

UFC 184 at Burke's

645 Bronx River Road, Yonkers, NY 10704 Add this event to a calendar application
On February 28th, the Octagon heads to Los Angeles’ Staples Center for UFC 184 with the women’s bantamweight division taking center stage in both the main and co-main events.

Headlining this stacked card is a battle of the unbeatens as the one and only UFC women’s bantamweight champion, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, will put her title on the line against the unquestionable #1 contender “Alpha” Cat Zingano. In the co-main slot, undefeated striking sensation Holly Holm will make her highly-anticipated Octagon debut against the always rough-and-ready “Rocky” Raquel Pennington from The Ultimate Fighter 18.
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  • me: puts forth minimal effort in an attempt to solve a problem
  • me: ive tried EVERYTHING

February 21 2015

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February 10 2015

January 19 2015

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January 15 2015

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December 31 2014

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December 24 2014

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December 22 2014

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December 05 2014

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December 03 2014

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Chcę jeść, ale nie będę jeść
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November 30 2014

Słońce Peru
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Liczymy na to że wyjątkowo niskie ceny...
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Gapcio i Ciamajda oddali nieważne głosy...
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Bajka o czterech ptaszkach
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November 19 2014

Byłeś na wyborach?
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November 17 2014

Ranking popularności partii politycznych...
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A gdyby ich tak losować zamiast wybierać?
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November 12 2014

Obiecuję, że jeśli wygramy wybory...
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Rogackiego i Kamińskiego wyrzucić!
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